Bullenbay (Oil Terminal)

The Bullenbay Oil Terminal, operated by Refineria Isla B.V. is the longest established and the largest terminal in the Caribbean.

The Bullenbay terminal has a storage capacity, which is used for the storage of crude oil, white products and bunker oil.

The uniqueness of Bullenbay is that is has very deep waters, just a few meters from the shore line, quiet waters at the south side of the Island and Lies outside of the yearly hurricane zone.

Due to the limited entry of the Harbor of Willemstad, the Refinery cannot receive large crude oil vessels at its Emmastad jetties. These vessels are therefore discharged at the Bullenbay Oil Terminal, stored in the large crude tanks and from the Bullenbay Oil Terminal these crude’s are pumped through a pipeline via shore/land to be processed at the refinery.

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