Refineria Isla Curaçao B.V.

Carnival “Adults”

“Grupo Isla”

This is one of the main social and cultural events of the refinery. Since 1990 the refinery has participated and became Group of the Year and also several times as one of the top 10 nominees. “Grupo Isla” is well known for its colorful and impressive, well defined costumes and a float always constructed in a very impressive way with rotating and moving parts.

The members of the carnival group are employees, spouse or partner, children, relatives and friends of the workers that annually participate in the Grand Parade of Curaçao.

The Carnival Commission that works together with the Recreation Department on a voluntary basis coordinates all the activities concerning the group and makes the necessary preparations and arrangements for the Grand Parade.

Every year a new design is made for the costume to be worn during the parade. The design must be presented to the management for its final approval. If approved, than the costume will be elaborated for the group. The design for the float is based on the theme of the costume.

During the Grand Parade on Sunday and the farewell parade on Tuesday, “Grupo Isla” enjoys the accompaniment of popular local Band. This year it was Happy Peanuts.


Carnival Photo Gallery