Conversion & Cracking

The main purpose of the Cracking installations is to convert the heavier and complex long chain hydrocarbons to lighter products like gas, gasoline and diesel. The main units in the Conversion and Cracking area are the Fluid Catalytic Cracker (FCC) Unit and the Thermal Cracker units TC-1 and TC-2.

In the conversion and cracking area, we also have the Amine Regenerators AR-2 and AR-3, where H2S formed in several processes in the refinery is absorbed from different gasses and the Sulfur Recovery Units SRU-3, SRU-4 and SRU-5, which convert the H2S received from the Amine Regenerators to liquid Sulfur. The liquid Sulfur is routed to a Sulfur Pelletizer unit, where solid Sulfur pellets are produced, and accumulated in a “yellow hill” for export.

Apart from these units, the Conversion and Cracking area has two vacuum distillation units, FP-1 and FP-2, 1 Sour Water Stripper, three Merox units, one Propane/Propylene Treating unit and a refrigerated storage facility for Propane and Butane storage.

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