Refineria Isla Curaçao B.V.

Financial Resources

The main purpose of the Financial Resources organization is to provide the General Management and the Board of Directors of Refinería Isla Curaçao B.V. and PDVSA with accurate and timely financial data, via reports and financial statements, to facilitate decision-making. To this end the Financial Resources organization should assure that the financial and accounting transactions are carried out effectively and efficiently by planning, organizing, directing and controlling the activities and available resources, in order to assure that before mentioned parties can exercise proper control of the business and meet the functional and corporate objectives in accordance with the legal requirements of the government of Curaçao and PDVSA’s guidelines.

The Finance Resources organization is divided into the following departments:

In order to work within the Financial Resources organization, you should hold a certificate of a financial education and have the following competencies: affinity with figures, accurate, integer, analytical, responsible, stress resistant, flexible, customer oriented and a team player. Good knowledge of Microsoft Excel is a must, while knowledge of the SAP system is an advantage. Furthermore you should be a good organizer and planner in order to meet strict deadlines.

There are currently no vacancies available

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