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Acquisition of Goods

Refineria Isla purchases materials and equipment according to required specifications for its maintenance and operational activities on both local and international market.

General Disposition
  1. All material requirements are processed through the Materials Department.
  2. All purchases are done on a competitive basis. In a competitive bidding process a minimum of three (3) vendors are invited to participate. In case not sufficient vendors are available, a minimum of two (2) are accepted.

In special cases and emergencies, e.g. fires, breakdown, calamities, unplanned shutdown, competitiveness is not mandatory.

Purchasing Strategies Quotation Process

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Acquisition of Services

Refineria Isla Curaçao B.V. yearly awards an average of 500 contracts. Both local as well as foreign contractors (in compliance with local laws) render contracting services to Refineria Isla.

General Disposition
  1. All acquisition of services is done through the Contracting Department.
  2. The standard mode of tendering is competitive.
  3. In urgent cases and/or emergencies, e.g. fires, calamities or safety hazards, competitiveness is not mandatory.
  4. Contractors can either be directly invited to participate in a tender process or they can be invited via publication in newspapers to show interest to participate in a tender process (see Participation). In both cases the contractors that can participate should be registered at Refineria Isla Curaçao B.V.
  5. Bids are submitted in sealed envelopes (see Bidding Process).
  6. All bids are opened by a multidisciplinary Contracting Committee which recommends how to proceed.
Participation Bidding Process

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