Hygiene, Safety & Environment

At Refineria Isla our objective is to manage systematically and effectively all plans and programs aimed at the prevention, mitigation and control of risks to the safety and health of the personnel (own and contractors), integrity of the environment, facilities and neighbor community.

Our Hygiene, Safety, Fire Prevention & Environmental Control plans and programs are defined and coordinated, based on integral Risk Analyses and formulation of related Hygiene, Safety & Environmental strategies, Norms & Procedures and control mechanisms, in order to enhance the continuity and integrity of the Isla refinery installations, with continuous improvements of standards and compliance rates; all in accordance with local government regulations, international norms, corporate plans and PDVSA guidelines.

We manage safety as described in our  Hygiene, Safety & Environmental master plan through 14 elements: Leadership Commitment, Health Safety and Environmental Information, Risk Analyses, Management of Change, Operational Procedures, Safe work practices, Contractors health – safety and environment, Mechanical integrity, Regulation compliance, Emergency response, Training , Pre startup review, accident investigation,  Hygiene, Safety & Environmental plan evaluation.

Safety processes