Refineria Isla Curaçao B.V.

Hygiene, Safety & Environmental Control

The Hygiene, Safety & Environmental organization can be divided into 4 departments:

Environmental Department

The purpose of the Environmental department is to monitor the activities of Refineria Isla to ensure compliance with the local environmental legislation, rules and regulations and propose cutting edge technology to meet and go beyond the environmental requirements and render advise on environmental matters.

Requirements to work within the Environmental department:

Firefighting Department

The main purpose of this department is fire prevention. The Fire Fighting department also gives assistance in other situations where this is needed. Working within this department is tough.

In order to work within the Fire Fighting department, you must meet the following requirements:

Risk Analysis Department

The purpose of this department is to identify and evaluate health, environmental and safety risks within existing refinery units-facilities especially when changes are being proposed. The analysis includes the risk change could represent and also the impact of a non-desired event during the change implementation.

People working in this department have to be able to wrok independent and need a strong educational background in Chemistry, strong analytical and mathematical abilities, an understanding of refinery processes and essential skills, such as communication and organization.

Safety Department

The purpose of the Safety department is to be fully dedicated to safety of both the refinery and its people. Some of their main activities are to provide employees with safety equipment, trainings and seminars.

In order to work within this department, you must have a high level of interpersonal and communication skills. You must have a passion for safety, always think safe. And you must be able to confront an unsafe situation or person.

There are currently no vacancies available

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