Refineria Isla Curaçao B.V.

Manger (“Fiesta di Lus”)

Traditionally on the first Saturday of December the refinery organizes the event of Manger (“Pesebre – Fiesta di Lus”) at post 5.

Every year Mr. Giovanni Abath from the maintenance workshop makes a new design for the manger, which is then build as a display.

An invitation is sent to the employees and the people of Curaçao in general to be at site for the inauguration of turning on the lights of the Manger. Thereafter, every night till January 6th, people can drop by to enjoy the lights with their Family.

On the opening night the event starts with songs of Worship followed by other musical performances of local artists and/or groups, a description is also given about the design. The Managing Director gives his annual speech and at the end the lights are turned on.

“Los Gaiteros Isla” consisting of only members of ‘Family Isla’ continues with the entertainment for the rest of the evening.

Fiesta di Lus (Pesebre) Photo Gallery