The maintenance of the refinery and its terminals is based on the combination of routine, preventive and turnaround maintenance supported by condition monitoring programs, following the Total Quality concepts.

The routine maintenance of the refinery is the responsibility of the Maintenance and Services Manager and his his team, and covers all day to day maintenance activities, including emergencies of the refinery.

The organization is structured as per operational areas, each managed by an Area Engineer assisted by the Central Workshop, Instrumentation, Electrical, Civil, Budget Control and Materials

The scheduled turnaround maintenance is the responsibility of the Shutdown Manager and a team of engineers and technicians. The organization consists of three departments dedicated to engineering, planning and budgeting, and execution of scheduled turnaround. The field activities are contracted among 48 local companies through open bidding processes with participation of up to 2,000 workers. Occasionally, foreign companies provide specialized services.

Routine and turnaround activities are dedicated to the overall maintenance of the process units, stacks, flares, jetties, tanks, thousands of kilometers of piping, buildings and infrastructure that conforms the refinery and the Bullenbay Terminal.

Refineria Isla has a Central Workshop with experienced personnel and equipment to repair rotating, stationary, instrumentation and electrical equipment. This is a unique characteristic because most of these repairs can be done in-house instead of having to send the equipment externally, which is not only time-saving but makes it possible to work more efficiently.

The Materials Department is in charge for the purchasing of all materials and equipment required by the refinery in compliance with technical specifications and international standards.

The Maintenance organization is ISO 9001:2000 certified. Planning, control and records are computerized using the SAP system.

All maintenance activities are executed according to the applicable international norms, standards and procedures as recommended by the Technical Reliability Services organization.

The Technical Reliability Services organization is responsible for different programs that ensure the reliable and safe operation of the refinery, like: