Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our vision, mission and values, which constitute our corporate principles, define what we stand for and from the foundation for inspiring and guiding our creative processes and actions. When we make decisions, establish standards, and evaluate results, they will be consistent with these principles.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be recognized as the leader of the refining business in the region in view of the policy of integration of Latin-America and the Caribbean.

Our Mission

Our mission is to refine crude and process feedstock in an efficient, competitive, safe and environmentally responsible manner, delivering our products and services on time, according to the required quantities and specified quality, taking into account the market opportunities, valuing the work of our people and welfare of the community, to assure sustainability of Refinería Isla, integrated in the Latin American and Caribbean market, and thereby achieving the maximum value for the shareholder.

Our Values

We conduct our business with the aim of fulfilling our vision and mission, based on the following corporate values:

We behave ourselves with integrity and loyalty. Therefore, our conduct is characterized by honesty and being sincere with our associates and stakeholders. We will protect the confidentiality of information that could compromise the interests of the corporation and the country, and be transparent in managing our administrative and commercial transactions.

We value diversity and, therefore, recognize the unique character of each person and the value he or she adds to the whole. We encourage the expression of different points of view, creative ideas and innovative thinking, all of which result in the synthesis and unity of the corporate entity.

We prize reliability in fulfilling agreements and commitments.

We act with the utmost Respect for People, in this sense, we proceed with consideration towards our stakeholders by knowing and understanding their legitimate interests and aspirations, and interact with them with due regards for their dignity and rights. We obey the laws and regulations in the country where we operate and we continuously strengthen our human capital as the corporation’s greatest competitive advantage.

We create an environment of confidence, enabling us to learn from our positive experiences and errors. In this stimulating environment, our people contribute to decision making processes that affect them, giving credit where it is due and practicing open communication. We encourage teamwork and approach challenges with the combined strength of our people based on our shared vision. We practice dynamic, bold leadership based on confidence, timely and clear communication of the company’s direction. This leadership is characterized by delegation, control and accountability mechanisms.

We proceed with justice, equity and fairness. Therefore, we are impartial and upright in our actions, rejecting discrimination, furthering healthy competition and open participation in all processes with the aim of making the best decisions without bias or prejudice.

We create relations leading to the mutual benefit of our employees, customers, partners, associates/shareholders, suppliers and society as a whole.

We act with social responsibility. Therefore, we seek social and economic integration with the community engaging in constructive dialogue with them. We display solidarity in all of our behavior.

We are committed to safety. Therefore, each of us takes responsibility of health and well being of our own, of our fellow workers’, as well as of the community. We use best practices to develop preventive and corrective safety systems in operational processes and occupational health.

We are committed to the environment. Therefore, we assume our commitment with the environment with maximum diligence through the promotion of a sustainable development of our local resources and at the same time safeguarding the quality of life of current and future generations. We adopt environmental regulations and we develop all our processes in an environmentally responsible way.

We continuously strive to maintain the highest levels of competitiveness in terms of: