Pension Fund

logo_pensionfundThe Pension Fund is an organization that is a part of the Refinery ISLA and where its newly recruited personnel automatically join in, so they can start accumulating its benefits from the moment they enter service. The Pension Fund was established on January 1st 1990, to mitigate the growth of the pension gap, while at the same time attract and retain newly recruited personnel. The adopted pension fund scheme is a defined contribution plan. The pension gap was caused when PDVSA replaced the Pension Fund with a saving Plan, when it initiated the operation of the refinery in October 1985.

The foundation consists of the following types of participants as per December 31, 2013:

Type of participants Men Women Total
Active participants 910 121 1031
Voluntary participants 0 1 1
Deferred pensioners 81 22 103
Pensioners 288 23 311
Widow pensions 49 49
Widower pensions 1 1
Orphan pensions 18 18
Total 1514

For more information contact Foundation Pension Fund ISLA Curaçao:
Administration office: RSB Outsourcing Services N.V.
Contact Person: Ralph Bakhuis
Address: Kaya W.F.G. (Jombi) Mensing 14
Tel: 465-7758 or fax: 465-7759
Email address:

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