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In below pie chart you can see the primary products that are produced at the Isla refinery:


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The Caribbean & Latin America are our main natural markets for gasolines and diesels. The Far-East is becoming a major fuel oil client. Isla supplies all energy needs of Curaçao (gasolines, jet fuel, diesels, fuel for power generation).

Isla Refinery exports around 92% of its production


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Quality Control

Refineria Isla’s Technical Services Laboratory functions as the eye of the whole refinery. The quality data generated by the laboratory indicates the performance of the refinery.

The main tasks of our laboratory are:

Our laboratory continuously seeks to satisfy our customers by reporting correct and reliable results in the shortest time possible.

The quality control of our products is done according to international recognized standard methods such as ASTM, IP, ISO, AASHTO and UOP.

Therefore the laboratory is equipped with a great variety of analytical instruments such as Gas Chromatographs, High Performance Liquid Chromatographs, Ultra Violet and Infra-Red spectrometers, Atomic Absorption Spectrometers, Viscosity meters, Sulfur analyzers, Octane motors, automatic distillation apparatus and other instruments to determine the physical and chemical properties of our products. These analyzers can be categorized as conventional (manual) semi and full automatic.

The laboratory also consists of a water laboratory that check our process-, boiler feed- and drinking water quality on Iron, Copper, chloride, chlorine, phosphorus, hardness, pH and conductivity.

To guarantee reliable results we have a quality assurance section which consists of highly trained personnel. They verify and/or calibrate our analyzers frequently. Our laboratory also participates in inter laboratory crosscheck programs. In case of an equipment breakdown we get support from instrument technicians who are trained to trouble shoot and repair the analyzers.

Today the laboratory is operated by 31 persons.

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