Quality Management

In 1990 the philosophy of Quality Management was introduced at Refineria Isla. In that year, Bill Conway, the first Fortune 500 C.E.O. in the US to work directly with the Quality “Guru” Dr. Deming, initiated the Total Quality Management concepts in Isla. From thereon several Quality Management symposia, presentations and trainings were held. The first certification of Refineria Isla to the ISO 9002-1994 standard for Quality Management Systems, took place in 1998. The Manufacturing of Naphtenic Specialty Product and the Product Quality Laboratory were the first processes that were certified.

Through the years the Quality Management System of Isla was further developed to include all refinery manufacturing and supporting processes in the certification. Currently Refineria Isla is certified to the latest version of the ISO standard for Quality Management Systems, the ISO 9001:2008. The certification scope is now:

Refining of light, medium and heavy crudes to obtain the following valuable products: Mogas, Fuel oil, Gas oil, Avtur, Naphthenic and Parafinic luboils and other hydrocarbon products.

Apart from yearly surveillance audits, a re-certification audit is done every 3 years, where the whole system is checked for compliance with the ISO standard. The last re-certification of Refineria Isla was successfully completed in July 2014 and the corresponding certificate is valid till October 2017.

In addition to the ISO certification of the ISLA Refinery, the pharmacy and medical laboratory of the ISLA Medical department are also certified to ISO 9001:2008. The ISLA Refinery has plans to certify the entire Medical department in the near future.

The last re-certification of Pharmacy and Medical Laboratory was successfully completed in May 2014 and the corresponding certificate is valid till May 2017.

ISO9001:2008 Certificate
Refineria Isla
ISO9001:2008 Certificate
Pharmacy Refineria Isla
ISO9001:2008 Certificate
Medical Laboratory Refineria Isla