Social Investment Projects

Our philosophy

We are committed to contribute to improve the lives of the society where we operate and work constantly to build forms of relationship so that our company is fully in harmony with society and the environment.

Social Investment Projects

The social investment projects that qualify are in the areas of education, sport, culture & art, health and elderly care, social & community, environment, infrastructure and development of the economy with inclusion of the poorest.

Since the year 2006 a certain amount is dedicated to Social Development. Contributions for Social Development by Isla during the period 2006 – 2014 are as follows:


MMAng. 11.4 for maintenance, upgrading, renovation, expansion and new construction of various school facilities to amongst others:

Ancilla Domini, University of Curaçao, Seour Hedwig, Sta Rosa De Lima, Mgr Willem Ellis

Sport, Culture and Art

MMAng. 31.3 for maintenance, upgrading, illumination and installation of artificial grass of sport facilities; increase awareness and development of culture to amongst others:

Fundashon Kompleho Deportivo Pichingolo , Tio Daou ballpark, Stichting Sportterreinen Sta Maria (Heintje Kool), Stichting beheer sportterreinen Mon Repos, Stichting sportterreinen Isla (Post 6), Sportvereniging Vesta, Multifunctional sportcomplex  Barber, Fundashon Museo Tula, Fundashon Stripan, Carnival.

Health and Elderly Care

MMAng. 13.6 for the supply of medical equipment and renovation and construction of elderly homes and the supply of transportation vehicles to amongst others:

Sint Elisabeth Hospitaal (SEHOS), Fundashon Biba Miho (Nos Welita), Advent Ziekenhuis, Kas di mayor pa nos mayornan.

Social & Community

MMAng. 12.5 replacement of roofs, supply of articles, donation of sea doo’s, life sheds and rescue vessel, training of people via alliance agreement,  to amongst others:

Gibraltar houses, Monte Carmelo houses, CITRO, FEFFIK.


MMAng.  9.8 for renovation of monuments, buildings and construction of new syndicate head quarter amongst others:

Churches of  Sta Ana, Sta Familia, Westpunt, Bonam , Sta Rosa, Emmakerk, Seru di Orashon, Christian Heritage Ministries.

Development of the Economy

MMAng.  5.4 for stimulation of the production of own food (fruits and vegetables) via greenhouses to amongst others:

Fundashon Tera, Awa, Simia (TAS) at Rabu Yuana.


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