Corporate Social Responsibility

Prior to 2006 the social contributions of Refineria Isla Curaçao B.V. to the community were mainly based on sponsorships and donations. With effect of 2006 Isla has adopted the PDVSA’s policy of corporate social responsibility and has implemented the philosophy of “Kurason pa Komunidat”. Implementation of the policy of social responsibility is with the aim to achieve company benefits, benefits to the community and general public and environmental benefits.

From 2006  to 2014 Refineria Isla has invested an amount of almost 84 million guilders in programs and projects in the field of education, sport, culture & art, health & elderly care, social & community, environment, infrastructure and development of the economy as follows:

Education MMAng. 11.4
Sport, Culture & Art MMAng. 31.3
Health & Elderly Care MMAng. 13.6
Social & Community MMAng. 12.5
Infrastructure MMAng. 9.8
Development of Economy MMAng. 5.4


A survey undertaken by an independent consultant revealed that the Isla’s philosophy of “Kurason pa Komunidat” was very well perceived by the society and the general public.

One of the most important social programs is the agreement signed between Refineria Isla Curaçao B.V. and Feffik with the aim to create a new generation of craftsmen as is required by the labor market of Curaçao in order to reduce the shortage of craftsmen in technical professions.